ANNUAL 3% Cashback

Join the Print Stuff Rewards Program and enjoy the benefits of the highest level of membership.

Annual 3% Cashback

You will receive 3% cashback on all qualifying orders with no minimum spend required and no maximum limit.

Exclusive Offers

You will be subscribed to receive monthly newsletters with exculsive offers, additional discounts and extra benefits.

Loyalty Pricing Incentive

You will be automatically entered into our tiered pricing program to receive additional savings. No action required.

Print Stuff Members Enjoy Annual 3% Cashback

Earn 3% cashback on all qualifiying orders. At the end of each calendar year we will calculate your Reward and apply it as a credit to your online account to be used towad future purchases.

Print Stuff Loyalty Program

Printing is a basic need for almost all businesses and we help your bottom line by saving you money along the way. Based on how much you spend annually, you will enter a higher tier, which will lead to bigger savings and more benefits for the entire following year.


$5,000 - $49,999

Get 5% off

+ Free Artwork File Checking


$50,000 - $99,999

Get 10% off

+ Free Artwork File Checking
+ Free Contact Info Changes


$100,000 - $249,999

Get 15% off

+ Free Artwork File Checking
+ Free Contact Info Changes
+ Free Layout Corrections
+ Free Shipping

Print Money

over $250,000

Get 20% off

+ Free Artwork File Checking
+ Free Contact Info Changes
+ Free Layout Corrections
+ Free Design Recreation
+ Free Shipping

+ 3% Cashback

In addition to loyalty savings, all customers will receive an additional 3% cashback on all eligable orders. Save even more!

Frequently asked questions

We are happy to answer any quesitons you may have regarding our print status program. See below for the most popular questions.
It's simple really. Every customer gets 3% cashback right from the start. Once you spend enough to enter tiered savings, you will begin earning additional discounts on existing pricing. Below are a few examples:

Example 1

Spend under $5,000 in your first year, unfortunately you will not be eligable for additional tiered savings. But you still receive the annul 3% Reward

Example 2

Spend between $5,000 and $50,000 in year one, and get 3% cashback and automatically be entered into Preferred status in year two, where you will save 5% on each order + 3% cashback.

Example 3

In Platinum status, you'll receive 15% off + 3% cashback on all orders. If you spend less than $100,000 (i.e.$75,000) that year, the following year you will move down to the lower tier, Priority status.

There is NO limit or maximum on the amount of Cashback credits you can earn. Yes, your cashback credits are available so long your account remains active for 365 days. Which means you will need to make a purchase once a year to keep your credits, otherwise they expire at the end of the year.

Your credits will be used on upcoming orders first, before your credit card is charged. Once your credits are all used up, we begin charging your credit card.
The Loyalty savings and Cashback program both work on an annual basis. We monitor account activity throughout the calendar year and at the end we calculate all order totals. We then determine the total cashback value and place you in the corresponding tiered savings program based on your spending.

At the beginning of the following calender year, customers will enjoy a full year of savings in their corresponding tiers regardless of total spending. However, in order to maintain tiered status for the year after that, each customer must spend the minimum amount required, not including applicable taxes, shipping fees or design fees.
Once you qualify as a Loyalty status memeber, we will send you an email and let you know. We will also send timely updates on your progress towards achieving higher tiered status.
*Cashback savings will be directly applied to customer online account in the form of a credit at the end of each calendar year. Credit can be used towards any order, no restrictions apply. Cashback incentive applies only to printing services, does not apply to design services. Cashback is based on price before applicable taxes and shipping costs. No maximum cashback limit. Cashback credits do not apply to future cashback earnings. Cashback credits cannot be applied to tier status requirements. To maintain tier status for following calendar year, customers must spend required amount excluding credits, applicable taxes, design fees and shipping fees.
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